Psalmstone Engineered Marble and Stones – The Technology

Consumers seek stones having the highest quality in tensile and compressive strength, diversity in design & colour with an affordable price tag. Factors that militate against the use of natural stone include low quality of natural stones; difficult long term adherence to the substrate; higher moisture absorption; low resistance to current climate changes; limited extraction sources; environmental factors; limited colours and designs; pollution permeation into internal tissues of stone and turbidity in the long term.

Prevalence of the above-mentioned factors makes high quality engineered stone a better option than natural stone.

Psalmstone is the prime innovation in the construction industry. it is a mix of mineral, natural and chemical-polymer materials that use the alteration in molecular tissues of Type 1 marble cement (crystallization) to cause polymerization reactions.

By changing molecular tissues, materials would be 2-3 times stronger than concrete and 2 times stronger than natural stones having high adherence and compressive strength, lower moisture absorption, resistance against turbidity into molecular tissues of stone among other qualities.

Furthermore, products are available in a vast spectrum due to the usage of various designs, colours thereby solving the traditional problem of natural stone.

Below is a table comparing the physical and mechanical characteristics of PsalmStone and Natural Stone.


Natural Stones


Compressive strength
200 – 400 kg/cm2 600 – 1000 kg/cm2
Tensile strength
30 kg/cm2 60 – 150 kg/cm2
Abrasion resistance
0.4 g/cm2 Less than 2.2 g/cm2
Temperature resistance
50 cycles 500 cycles
Water permeation
1% – 15% Less than 3%
2700 kg/m3 2200 kg/m3